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Legal assistance for family law matters
The firmís activity aims at providing legal assistance and advice in the following subjects:

Family law (in all its forms) and children’s rights: personal separations, divorces, termination of common-law marriages, custody of natural children, recognition of natural children and all the issues concerning judicial and extra-judicial activities that revolve around the family, in fact and by law, as central core of our society;


International family law and children’s rights: the Firm has been dealing for a few years, with legal aspects concerning mixed marriages and relationships in Italy and abroad, meaning therefore, between subjects of different nationality, such as personal separations of spouses, divorces, annulments of marriages, parental responsibility and any other aspect related to the aforementioned institutions (custody of minor children, visitation rights, etc.). Moreover we particularly focused through the years, on cases of international abduction of minors, recovery of maintenance claims (so called alimony) – from Italy towards foreign countries and vice versa – and on the protection of essential rights before the European Court of Human Rights. For this purpose, the firm relies on a network of professionals, also specialised in dealing with the aforementioned situations. The Firm operates throughout the Italian territory, ensuring the presence in all competent courts.

Lawyer Claudia Grassi

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Lawyer Manuela Tirini

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National and international
child abduction

Maintenance obligations

Protection of children's
and parental rights

Family Law